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Special Offer

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We offer a range of employment and HR related services including training managers, personal grievances, performance management and union negotiations. Full list of services.

Company Director, Neville Farrelly, completed a Masters in Human Resources and Organisational Development 2012.

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Employment Services

Preventing Problems

  • Educate and/or train managers on best practice HR
  • Customise HR requirements as required
  • Review your Offer of Employment material (Essential to Employee and worthwhile as an Employer)
  • Review / develop Employment Agreements, Job Descriptions, Protocols and Policies, Orientation and/or Induction programs, Hiring process
  • Restructure and Change Management service delivery
  • Create Variation(s) clause(s) to Employment Agreements

Resolving Issues

  • Personal grievances
  • Performance management of employees
  • Disciplinary meetings and outcomes
  • Termination of employment (Planned or Unplanned)
  • Investigation processing
  • Union negotiations

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