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‘Preventing Problems & Resolving Issues’ is the NFES motto. The part played by NFES will get the best result for you whether you are the Employer or Employee.

NFES is passionate about HR, and because we are results driven, ultimately the company exists for everyone’s benefit by improving industrial relations and reducing the amount of unhealthy workplace environments.

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Human Resources Auckland

Get the Best Outcome with Our Human Resources in Auckland

When it comes to finding solutions for your business, our human resources service in Auckland has the answer you need. Whether you require help to train managers on best HR practice, review of employment material, develop new protocols or resolve employment issues, our highly experienced and qualified staff will guide you to the most effective solution.

Signs You Should Invest in Employment Solutions in Auckland

Consider these signs that you should enlist the services of an HR consultant.

  • Your business is growing: If you are starting a business, moving to a larger location or restructuring, a human resources consultant can help you navigate the hiring of new employees and care for your current staff. We can assist with the development of job descriptions, writing offer letters, orientation and more, which leaves you more time to focus on your business growth.

  • You need help with your employees: While you may be good at the business and product side of your company, if you struggle with communication and employee relations, HR can help counsel and advise your staff. They can explain policy changes, determine what will make your employees more productive and develop protocols to manage personnel issues.

  • You struggle to retain staff: Whether it is a workplace culture issue or a competitive issue that you seem to be losing staff, an HR solution can provide you with organisational development advice. You can make changes to ensure that your staff don’t feel disenfranchised, offer competitive employee benefits that make you stand apart from other businesses and create a loyal and productive workplace environment.

What You Can Expect from Neville Farrelly Employment Solutions Regarding HR in Auckland

We provide a comprehensive professional service that includes:

  • Preventing workplace problems: We can educate and train your management team on the best HR practices to ensure that they are well equipped to handle any workplace scenario. Our team can customise HR requirements to your workplace, which can include review employment material, assist with various aspects of hiring new staff, restructure management and more.
  • Resolving issues: From personal grievances and performance management of employees to disciplinary meetings and termination of employment, our consultants will provide you with exceptional support. We have a comprehensive understanding of HR employment law.
  • Project work: We can help you meet the requirements of any of your workplace’s special projects with professional HR advice and guidance. If you have a goal in mind, yet are unsure how to get there or how to explain it to your staff, we can help with the communication process and ensure a smooth transition for your staff.

Why is Neville Farrelly Employment Solutions Your Best Choice for Human Resources?

We commit to providing an excellent and comprehensive service. Our team is highly skilled, experienced and qualified in human resources and organisational development. We share our knowledge to educate, train and empower businesses with the skills and strategies they require to prevent or resolve issues. Our consultants can provide professional support with difficult HR matters on behalf of our clients. Our company director has extensive experience working in management roles for various manufacturing, logistics, global and family-owned businesses. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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